Virtual Staffing Solutions

Dedicated Development Centre

Technotechindia works in three simple steps – hire, manage and save. We create the pathway to help offshore software companies to set up their virtual software team in India. This is a different way of offering offshore software development services to clients worldwide, uniquely, independently and flexibly to offer all software technology capabilities. Technotechindia is the ideal platform to launch your software development activities remotely with all benefits of in-house team support.


We are offering powerful delivery models under Technotechindia

Virtual In - House

Under Virtual In-house, we assist our clients to fulfill their software development outsourcing requirements under our skilled and dedicated software developers, to build a state-of-the-art software by working from our fully equipped lab located in India. Our expert developers will be at your service from the initial phase of gathering requirements till the entire software application is completed and delivered to you or your clients. This will take care of any immediate requirement of outsourced software development during the year. Our creative offshore software developers will work for your virtual software development, under your guidance. We will help you in following ways to setup your virtual Secondment which will be operational in India.

  1. Our HR team will mobilize the resources to put on your project.
  2. We will setup the complete infrastructure required for development, including desktops, servers, internet connectivity, printers, scanners, web cameras, video conferencing, etc.
  3. Project Management Tool – this software is developed to give you controlling power of our team by monitoring their daily tasks.
  4. Our retention mechanism and bench policy will ensure uninterrupted software development for your projects.
  5. DO you want to venture into newer technologies? – No worries. We will give you developers for any technology required by you. Isn’t it peace of mind ?
  6. We will build strong capability of yours in software development with hassle free operation.
Virtual In - House On Demand

We understand client’s needs and thereby have adopted a unique, flexible model called “Virtual Secondment On-Demand”. Sometimes you have software development, web designing and digital/online marketing requirement where defining scope of work is difficult due to uncertainty. At the same time, such requirement is of short duration in nature.

This is the time, we can offer such a model where we will provide resources working dedicatedly for your requirement as your virtual in-house team. This model will work similarly as “Virtual In-House” model but for shorter duration.

Recommendation: This model is recommended for small to medium duration fixes in existing software projects or web design projects.

To begin with, you can select minimum support plan starting with 25 hours a month to hire any technical resource.

Setup Own Development Center

Setting up your own software company in India is a challenging task with all uncertainties of work culture, unknown working environment, recruitment processes, company registration, infrastructure setup, etc. Sometimes all these aspects result in the failure of the project, costing huge investment.

Technotechindia engine offers some of the most dynamic offshore IT services with minimum investment and maximum outcome.

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